About us

ETI Asset Management is a leading company offering financial services to individuals and businesses.

Our priority is the protection and development of your assets by ensuring the finding of the most appropriate for your profile bank as well as the most efficient and low risk investments.

Creation of bank accounts

By creating a bank account in one of our cooperating banks in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you protect and ensure your assets against any changes in the banking system of your country.

Assets Management

It includes various products investments like shares, bonds, mutual and other, in all financial instruments in international markets with high liquidity.

Electronic Payment Services

We can easily and quickly connect your payment terminals (POS) to your business, so that the card payments you receive will be directly deposited to any bank account you possess.

Company creation and management

Thanks to our partners around the world, we can create a new business for you in Switzerland or Liechtenstein by taking care of all the necessary steps, including Tax Planning services.